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THE FACE SHOP, FACE it Cell Lightening Highlighter Beam

Baby face + Luminous skin. The skin that all women want = Skin like a baby
Through in-depth analysis and research, we have made that possible by makeup
A pink pearl liquid highlighter creating a luminous and sculpted face.
Translucent Pearl Powder and Silicon Oil
Absorbs and reflects the light, creating radiant and clear complexion. Creates smooth finish and good adherence. A mixture of Fluid, Gum, and Elastomer. Smoothen the pores and skin bumps: Moisturizing liquid type highlighter. Gives pearly effects and dewy glow from within.
How to use
Apply onto the nose bridge, forehead, chin, eyelids, and C zone (around your eyes)
Mix with liquid foundation or BB cream (1:2 ratio)
Mix with liquid concealer for under eye
Mix with tint for cheeks (1:1 ratio)
Net Volume: 13 ml / for all skin types

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