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mise en scene

mise en scene Stage Collection Hot and Heat Quick Dry Mist

Shortening hair dry time. Heat Damage Protection by a hair dryer and hair iron. Containing Argan and Cedarwood oil extracts. It help to make shiny hair. Spray type, easy to apply.

Net Weight: 140 ml

After shapoo, dry hair with a towel. Evenly spray on your wet hair. Dry your hair with a hair dryer. Experience increasingly shorter hair-dry times.
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No.1 Best Selling Brand 'mise en scene' of Hair Care in the South Korea Cosmetic Market. This hair mist Quickly Dry your hair with a hair dryer in the busy morning!!! But keep hair moisturizing. After shampoo, Spray it evenly on your wet hair. And Dry your hairs with a hair dryer or wind pen. Be happy with a time reduction of a hair styling.

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