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ETUDE HOUSE Oh My Lash Mascara

3 kinds of safe Flower Water ingredients help to protect your sensitive eyes: Chamomile floral water, lavender floral water, witch hazel water.
5 kinds of Vitamins Fruit Complex make your eyelashes to be shiny and healthy: Orange, raspberry, grapefruit, kiwi, apricot.


#1- Top Coat & Transparent Mascara 11g: Using alone, use as a clear mascara. Or Applying after mascara, Improves the eyelashes makeup persistence.

#2- Base 8.5g: Applying before using mascara on the lashes, Improves the volume and curling effect of the eyelashes.

#3- Volume 8.5g: Smearing protection coating and carbon black color help to improve the volume of lashes.

#4- Curling 8.5g: Quickly and effectively make the curling effect. And the persistence of makeup is also excellent.

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