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ETUDE HOUSE Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

Curl every single lash, fix all day long: The "Curl 24HR Technology" delivers powerful performance to lift, define, and curl even tiny lashes for 24 hours.
- Curl-fixed lashes for 24 hours: The "Curl 24HR Tech" lifts lashes up poerfully and fix the curl (Black only).
- Dual jelly brush: Delicate and soft 'Dual Jelly Brush' pull all eyelashes even the tiniest lashes to curl and fix.
- No smudge, no clump: With the powerful waterproof function to water, sweat, or sebum to keep curl for long and not to get smudged.
- Curl 24HR Technology: The new technology made of 'Perfect Lash Fixer' ingredient to make and fix lashes' curl for 24 hours (tested and certified by Elid Corp.)
- Dual Jelly Brush: Consists of Flat Jelly and Jelly Dome to curl lashes and hold curl.
1. Flat Jelly: Combs lashes in zigzag to make lashes become easier to curl.
2. Jelly Dome: Curls lashes upward tightly and fixs 24 hours
How to apply
1. Organize lashes with the flat jelly part of brush starting from lash roots, brushing in a zigzag motion.
2. Complete curled up, 360 degrees spread out fine lashes by gently brushing lash¡¯s upper, lower, front, and back parts with the jelly dome part of brush.
Net Volume: 6.5g / 0.22 oz.

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