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THE FACE SHOP MASK.LAB Brightening Lift Up Face Mask

2-Step Lift-up Mask = STEP1, Lift-up Mask Sheet + STEP2, Lift-up elasticity band, deep absorbing essences to skin. Containing Vitamin C derivatives and Niacinamide, Skin brightening and Skin whitening. Black sheet contained bamboo charcoal, highly absorbing essences ot skin and skin brightening.

Net Weight: STEP1 25ml + STEP2 1 sheet.

After applying Step1 face mask sheet on your clean face, wear Step2 elasticity band on your chin(hanging both ears) for 10~20 mins. After removing sheets, gently do tapping massage(with finger tips) your face to absorbing remaind essences to skin.
it's coming soon.
This mask sheet pack helps your face skin tone make brightener and skin firming.

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